The Rubric

Week 1

What did I do?

Searched for related texts

I have already [mostly] read and have previously used Great Expectations (1860) by Charles Dickens. From my thoughts while I was reading it, I think that it may work as a related text. However, I could use it for other subjects where it may be more relevant and a more modern text may be more relevant to this subject.

A more modern text being The Boat (2008) by Name Le – a novel consisting of a variety of stories that each focus on a different adversity. This text has excellent characterisation and accuracy in containing works within the historical fiction genre. A genre in which Master and Commander (1970) by Patrick O’Brian was written, a novel that I am yet to finish reading. Both are acclaimed novels and will require me to undergo more research of their context and content before I am able to approach them again.

Broke down rubric into Nature of Discovery, Concept of Discovery and the criteria for writing a response on discovery.

The nature of discovery includes topics that may be represented in texts, similar to types of power (from Preliminary AOS). I may be able to use these topics to create a response – as an essay topic, for example. A related text should contain at least three of the ‘natures’ to be appropriate for use so that a response may be formed using it.

The concept of discovery addresses the effects of texts – their meaning and impact – and the language choices and techniques used to create them. It also makes reference to the discovery through study and through the personal experiences of the person who is to write the response, being me, and implementing that in what I think is a more scholarly version of a narrative voice.

Study put into practice:

  • Related a video of compiled scenes from the Discovery channel to the Rubric; identified the which points from the nature of discovery were relevant and reading into the content of the video and the ways in which ‘discovery’ (those natures) were represented.
  • Looked at unseen texts from previous HSC Paper 1s


Discovered need for practising reading images/unseen texts

During discussions of these images in class I realised my need to develop my ability to read images more deeply no matter what their specific content is. I am looking at the surface of the image and I struggle to obtain a meaning quickly. This has slowed me in previous exams which means that I also need to learn how to analyse images quickly.

Image: (Accessed 11/10/2016)


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