Introduction to Major

Week 1

What did I do?


  •  [Finished] Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  • Frequently asked questions on Extension 2 major, etc.
  • Steps for Preparation and Extension 2 Fails – Articles on the journal entries and the editing process of creating a major work.

Discussed the expectations of extension 2 course

I need to make and use a creative a progress journal with entries such as this. Also, the recommended time for Ext. 2 is two hours a week. I will need to allocate time and organise myself for researching and writing and editing – this should be easy ‘long-term’ because of the scope and sequence already made and because the assessments that I will have to turn in are relevant to these progressions.

Looked at the several forms of media that the major work may be submitted in.

I am considering either a short story or a critique of a work of literature. The latter is a form of a fall-back – in case the short story does not quite work – as I will study literature as inspiration for a story during the planning and writing stages regardless.

Discussed initial ideas for major work.

Being inspired by Charles Dickens’s Tale of Two Cities (1859), my initial idea is to expand on my creative writing piece from my Preliminary Exam – an appropriation of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding HoodI set the tale in the midst of the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille. The main character was met some more unfortunate resolutions than the feel-good children’s story. My weak points in this story was its flow, its setting and its ability to establish itself instantly in the mind of the reader. Some good points were the symbolism and characterisation – I think.

I feel as though I may be able to develop the idea and plot into a more refined story. This will involve research into the period, culture and historical events, among other things. I am planning on using the novel Tale of Two Cities (1859) and Les Miserables (1862) by Victor Hugo as inspiration, looking into the ways in which this event has been represented in the past.

What do I need to do?

Research the French Revolution; the cause, the repercussions, the mindset, the major events, etc. Create a character chart, and complete a brainstorm, on Tale of Two Cities.

Break down elements of my past story into at least characters, setting, plot and symbols.

Look at the medias: short story, critique and poetry (for variety).


Image: (Accessed 15/10/2016)


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