Study Day

Week 5

What did I do?

Attended study day for major work

I learnt that my major work must be an imaginative, investigative, creative and substantial composition. It must be of textual integrity, have a quality of insights and concepts, demonstrate investigation, communication and an ability to manipulate features that shape meaning. My reflection statement should explain the intended purpose and audience of my story, reference extensive independent investigation (name-dropping resources for research), explain the relationships of language features and conventions to major work and state relationships to Advanced and Extension 1 English courses. My journal entries should reflect my progress in research for my major work, documenting articles (which I should annotate and display in a separate folder) and stimulus material as well as a reference list. I should also document my drafts in my progress journal.

I will need to compile my inspirational sources – those that I have already collected and that of the future. These may be: books, genres, art, media, quotes, media or style. One particular inspiration is the work of Carol Ann Duffy which conveys the perspective of the significant (or inserted) women in male-dominant. These views were sympathetic of the female and were a call for the reader to consider the woman, the secondary character to the man, as someone greatly affected by the actions of the others (the men). They are portrayed as having strong reactions against the doing of their husbands. I intend to develop this idea through portraying the French Revolution through the eyes of the women, those who played a well-known role and those who are not spoken of. The latter I am likely to invent and place in differing circumstances.

Watched Les Miserables (1998)

This aided me in seeing the relations between those in poverty an those of wealth, both with each other and between the two. The dialogue was specifically for a film format, however, it was helpful in my understanding of the way in which characters conversed both verbally, visually and through gestures. The clothes appeared quite accurate for the time period and are a helpful start into my research of such apparel. The influence of the individual against a nation of law and conformity was represented well in the film and on watching it again, I feel as though I may achieve a better grasp on that idea, as well as on the former topics discussed.

Image: Les Miserables 1998


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