Experimentation in Form

Week 6

What did I do?

  • Read Chapter 5 of Workbook*
  • Activity 5 of Workbook*
  • Drafts for creative writing piece:

Completed 1st, 2nd and 3rd draft for Creative Writing Task

During this process I developed the character and story line through two different forms,  a (very) short story and poetry. The first (the short story) helped me to identify the character’s tone and perspective, I had him converse with a person and dialogue who was completely unrelated to the story line. I was able to develop a voice for him which has made the next few drafts much easier. The second draft (poetry) was also a gain in the character’s voice, however I found that I was able to insert more emotion in an otherwise ’emotionless’ man through this form. I was inspired to write the story with poetry by an in-class activity where we each wrote a poem on a certain topic and then guessed which was by a published author when they were anonymously collated. The process of writing a poem from my initial thoughts on the topic – writing it on the spot – instead of writing the poem after meticulous consideration of the themes and ideas involved was an almost freeing experience and I was inspired to implement it into my creative writing. However, poetry has never been a major strength for me and I am unable to achieve an adequate length of quality writing through this form. Therefore, after writing a draft of around 200 words, I decided to write a blend of poetry and narrative writing for my creative writing.

Through analysing the meaning behind the poetry of my second draft making use of the brief descriptions of my story, which had developed over the short amount of time, I have inserted a narrative in third person between selected stanzas. Some of the stanzas I have rearranged so that they follow the story and create an appropriate impact. More editing and rewriting of the dialogue will need to occur. My third draft is currently at around 650 words and is unfinished. I am considering changing one of the main features to be more relevant and less distracting from the main character, while maintaining the same impact. I am also struggling to write about that feature and find that through attempting to write it, it is not as relevant or necessary as I had initially thought it to be.

Image: my own

*Workbook:     McHugh A. (2015). HSC English Discovery Creative Task Workbook. Macmillan Education Australia Pty. Ltd. South Yarra, Victoria


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