Writing a New Discovery

Week 1 Holidays

What did I do?

Inspired to write a better Creative Writing piece

My family has been visiting Fingal Bay since before I was born. I have grown up visiting the little beach and know it very well. However, I have never really tried to describe it. Several weeks ago I had an idea for another creative writing piece as the one that I was working on was not to my liking (although I did still use it for the assessment at that time.) This idea was of a mother taking her daughter to revisit a beach with her. The story will have a flashback structure as the mother re-experiences what withheld her from returning to that place for so long. Again I am planning on using poetry to convey the character’s voice.

Phrases that come to mind:

The water ran over her feet in curled waves, its surface a foaming webbed felt.

My daughter, a doll

Of my younger self

When  I would roam

These shores.

Better to forget,

To learn,

To know better.

Yet I cannot stop her.

She must see in her own time.

Not mine;

She is, after all,

Only a little me.

Holiday To-Dos:

  • Write draft of new discovery Creative Writing (above)
  • Complete analysis tables for Robert Gray’s poems
  • Answer questions on Robert Gray’s poems
  • Beach!
  • Read Jane Eyre (1847) by Charlotte Bronte
  • Listen to Audiobook of Richard III (1633) by William Shakespeare


Image: my own (editing with PicsArt)


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