Plotting history

Week 4 Holidays

What did I do?

Plotted short story

Like all brainstorms that I very slowly build upon, I have created a power point presentation to plan my story line, characters and settings.

I am hesitant to include the storming of the Bastille as I had originally planned, because I do not see that it will help my thesis. I will still use the event, however, but it will be used as a complication for characters such as Charlotte Corday: it will mentioned but not depicted. I will definately make use of the ‘women’s march’, when the people invaded the palace of Versailles and forced the royals to move themselves back to Paris. I may use the perspective of Marie-Antoinette’s maid – revealing opinions of the Queen and the hostile crowds – or the perspective of one of the women in the crowd – demonstrating the people’s (especially the women’s) incentive for such an act.

I am, unlike my previous ideas, finding that using the perspective of Marie-Antoinette too often would be counterproductive to my overall message: the women of France who were denied rights even in a time of severe change. Although I am still very keen to include her point of view in the story, it will need to be more restrictive to be used only as a severe contrast to the lower-classed women. Events such as her arrival in France (as a fourteen-year-old) and her trial will reveal her vulnerability and will allow for reflection of her character.

Reduced and introduced characters

While planning the sequence of my story I have realised that by having so many main characters, not only will I exceed my word limit, I will be jumping between characters too often and will therefore confuse the reader. I am therefore culling Etta Palme d’Aelders and Constance Pipelet from the ‘main characters list’. They may appear as side characters, mentioned by other characters or included through references to their published works (in the case if d’Aelders). Having a more minimal set of characters will allow me to focus on the revolution itself from the point of view of the women. I will not be restrained by only the main characters as I will still retain enough of the word limit to include for anonymous, yet still feminine, recounts.

I am also including Pauline Leon as a ‘main character’ as the woman who presented a petition, signed by 319 women, to the National Assembly which requested permission to grant women to arm themselves as well as drill under French guards in order to be able to defend Paris as a garde national in the case of a military invasion. This petition was denied. I am likely to feature her once more, later in the story, perceiving the judgement of similar plea – for women to bear arm and transform into citizens; “legions of amazons” – which was also denied. however I will be limiting it to only two segment for the same reasons as before.

Image: My own (Edited using PicsArt)


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