Viva Voce p.1

Viva Voce Part A: Presenting

The outline given for the viva voce includes: Concept, Purpose, Form, Intended Audience, Investigation, Resources, Challanges and the Major Work Journal.

After having to go back and rework my concept, I think that this assessment will help me build on my focus question, rather than stray into other areas once again.

Concept: My Major Work focuses on Charlotte Corday, a French Woman who played a significant role in the French Revolution, and the affects of the Enlightenment on the people of France, especially the women.

Purpose: I am aiming to use historical fiction to convey the mindset of that period and, through completing this project, to develop my skills in writing and in research and investigation.

Form: Short Story (Why?)

Audience: Markers (I need to find out more about this.)

Investigation: I have read many online articles and watched several documentaries to find a direction as to who and what I want to investigate further. I am now reading several books that examine the historical facts, psychology and impacts of the French Revolution.

Resources: I am hoping that the books (mentioned above) on the French Revolution will be informative in terms of facts and varying opinions which I hope to integrate into the process of my major work. The published works of the time (primary sources), such as Address to the French people, friends of Law and Peace (1793) by Charlotte Corday and Olympe de Gourge’s Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Citizen (1791), have given insight into the people’s thoughts, especially Corday herself. There are many more primary sources that are available online or in books, etc.

Major Work Journal: In case you were wondering, this is the journal. I am also using folders to store printed and annotated online articles (referenced of course) that have helped me as well as photocopying and referencing the covers of any books that I have used and found helpful.

Viva Voce Part B: Q&A

The questions asked will most likely be ones that clarify what I said (or didn’t say) in the presentation. I’ll need to have a clear opinion about my work and how I have progressed or think I will continue, so that I can answer these.


Reading list:

  • The French Revolution : a tale of terror and hope for our times (2015) Harold Beh
  • A people’s history of the French Revolution (2012) Eric Hazan
  • Citizens : a chronicle of the French Revolution (1989) Simon Schama

I’m being optimistic! 🙂 

Image: My own, because I miss the beach (edited with PicsArt)





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