Viva Voce p.2

Week 2

What did I do?

Created new plan

Once again I have made a power point presentation to organise all of my ideas for my major work. This time I have made everything about Charlotte Corday because I am afraid that, if I do not make my focus slightly obsessive, I will go completely off track again and have to rewrite my plans, again! This will likely change when I delve more into the Revolution itself, but I will still try to make it more Corday-centred.

Worked on Viva VoceConcept

I am seriously contemplating presenting my concept with questions like: Who was Corday? Who is [my adaptation of] Corday? Where was Corday? What did Corday do? Why do I care?????

My inspiration will be presented through the images: knitting women (above) from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, The Death of Marat a Romantic painting by Jacques-Louis David (noting that this painting will be used for describing the scene), and a documentary which will lead into concept.

For the presentation of my concept I will be including a section of a documentary (59:30-1:03:40) in order to introduce the character of Charlotte Corday and for demonstrating my inspiration. I will also use images from the time period of Corday, Marat and the Revolution itself, as well as (possibly) including a section from a London news report, from that time, that covered the event. I will then mention de Gourge’s and the women’s attempt to gain equality as well as the Enlightened view of a woman’s role.


My concept is an extension of the skills, understanding and knowledge gained from the preliminary courses,  Advanced and Extension English. We studied the poet Carol Anne Duffy in Advanced English, analysing her use of poetry to convey her feminist views. In Extension English we studied Romanticism – a reaction to the Enlightenment – my concept conveys the effects of the Enlightenment (the French Revolution) through Romantic and modern Techniques of fictional writing.





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