Town of North

Week 3

What did I do?

Read and Analysed North Coast Town

Robert Gray’s North Coast Town is a reaction to the new Australia that we live in today, a discovery conveyed through strong sensory imagery which unfolds in a manner similar to waking up after a deep sleep. Beginning with a groggy recognition of the world around you,  you then slowly start to interact with until your heart rate picks up and you are thinking more clearly and starting to take control of the day by taking liberties such as hitching a ride with “two hoods” and journeying away from where you awoke.

The town is portrayed negatively, with unappealing imagery of service stations, their lavatories, muddy changing sheds at dry beaches and “floury apples”.  Unlike his other works, Diptych, Journey the North Coast and Late Ferry, this poem does not romanticise the Australian landscape and rather degrades the town. When any form of nature is mentioned, it is overshadowed by the effects of the city that has been build on top of it, corrupting it.

The poem ends with a revelation of the Indigenous Australians being cast out and becoming outsiders in their own homeland as Western culture becomes more and more dominant. Robert Gray claims that the land is becoming more American with references to their culture (boxing, etc.) and to the urbanisation of the land with statements such as: “their making California”.  The pejoratives in the statement “pass an Abo, not attempting to hitch, outside town” are abrupt and confronting, and emphasise the concept that these people have been cast away and ignored in their own land as a new culture takes their place.

Looked at sample questions for Paper 1

The questions that the class looked at were taken from the RUBRIC and are the types of questions that have been previously used for trial and mid-year examinations in other schools.

I am hoping to use some of these as practice essay questions to study for the mid-year exams at the end of this term. By looking at the questions, I can further understand what evidence I will need to find, from Gray’s poetry and from both of my chosen texts, to put into tables.

Image: Park Beach


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