Viva Voce p.4

Week 4

What did I do?

Presented Viva Voce

After I (rather poorly) presented my plans for my major work, I was asked questions about the plot, form and the ways that I will connect it to romanticism, amongst other things.

The form that I was going to use for my major work now seems more complicated than what I presented. Without even thinking about the poetry, if I am going to write the story from Corday’s perspective alone, using journal entries, then it may not be as engaging as it needs to be. I could add in some extra narration in between journal entries, using either an omnipresent voice or the perspective of another prominent figure such as Olympe de Gourges, which could allow for an extra person’s revelation at the end of the story (after Corday’s execution) as well as more depth to the concept of feminism during the revolution .

This then makes my plot more complicated. If I have three narrators, and am trying to make my story less bland, then I will need to play with the structure. Contrary to my earlier beliefs, I am realising that I don’t need to use a linear structure. The story has already happened in the correct order, if I wanted to be that accurate I should have taken up an extension of Modern History. If the story is based on historical events, then the order of those events don’t need to be spelled out step by step. Altering my structure so that it starts at a scene from the end of the story then meeting that scene once more, right before its climax, will allow the reader to look for the mystery which was partially revealed in the beginning. This will make the story more engaging for the reader as well as less simple.

Submitted planning power point

In order to keep me accountable – to give me something to work towards – I will be handing in my progress to my teacher every three weeks.

Hello teacher [who shall remain nameless]! Thank you! *smile and wave.*

I transferred my plot previous planning power point slides, those that which were relevant to Charlotte Corday, to my new plan. I then edited them, in consideration of what was discussed during the Viva Voce assessment and my now narrowed concept, as well as added in any more events that I have thought of so far for Charlotte Corday that I wouldn’t have included when I had more characters. I have not yet added in segments of poetry or a second person’s narration, which leaves me more room to develop my ideas before defining them.

I am also brainstorming each possible character’s position in the story and their characterisation. I am looking into Charlotte Corday’s sister, as she went to the convent with her after their mother died and to their aunt’s home when the convent closed.

Who was she and how could she have affected Charlotte’s life?

Next Steps:

  • Finish adding events to the plot and experiment with its structure
  • Research
    • Read over the sections on Charlotte Corday and Marat more closely in the books:
      • The French Revolution (2015) by psychiatrist Harold Behr,
      • & A People’s History of the French Revolution (2012) by Eric Hazan
    • Research settings and characters
    • Find and annotate more primary sources for Girondins, Charlotte Corday, the Abbey, Marat, Charlotte’s execution, etc.


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