Cinema Stars

Week 4-5

What did I do?

Watched Bright Star Again

When watching the film for the second time, some things became more evident.

One thing that I noticed this time was the fact that Keats wrote his letters to Fanny while sitting on a lounge, using a book to support the paper rather than use the writing desk which is beside him. This reflects the irrationality of the Romantic individual; acting on impulse, not stopping to consider the more logical, resourceful way of completing an act as simple as writing a letter.

It was pointed out that there is heavy use of framing. The characters are often framed by window panes, between tree branches, etc. When Fanny looks down at Keats from her bedroom window she is standing, cloaked in the transparent curtain while Keats lies on the grass, centred in a glass pane. Fanny is often seen through the window/door of Keats’ and Browns’ ‘work room’ while they write poetry /’find inspiration’ or when Keats is ill. After Mr Brown accuses Fanny of being only a flirt, she is pictured standing by the open door in a white dress and hat, framed by the door way and by the contrast of light, from outside, and the lack of light within the room.

It was also noted that when Mr Brown notifies the Brawnes of Keats’ death Fanny moves from the fire-lit room to the darker hall.



Image: A still-shot from Jane Campion’s Bright Star


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