Singing Richard!

Week 6

What did I do?

Class began to compile a playlist

This involved each class member finding songs that represent select scenes. By compiling the playlist I am personally finding that it has consolidated the order of scenes, as I have spent much time changing the order of the songs and checking that they were right for each scene.

Looked at RUBRIC for Module A

We watched video to develope our understanding of the RUBRIC. From this I can now conclude that context is The range of personal, social historical, cultural and workplace conditions in which a text is responded to and composed. I learnt that context is not solely about the environment of the author (the composer of a text) but also about the audience (those who respond to a text).

Does this include myself, as a responder to the texts, and my own context? Or is the context of the audience which the text was origninally aimed at? Does this audience simply fit into the author’s context?

Researched further in Shakespeares context

I have looked that the paradigm of Renaissance Humanism that spread largely in the early 16th century and of Machiavellian politics in relation to shakespeare.

An example of Niccolo Machiavelli’s philosophy of politcs in Shakespeare’s works is the way in which Richard in Richard III so bluntly rejects the religious expectations of a king and, in fact, makes a mockery of the people’s faith in divine rulers. Richard rules without morals, ethics, or religion. He also follows the Machiavellian character trait of being sly and manipulative of situations for his own advantage.

Renaissance humanism included the installation of a strong sense of virtue and prudence within the education of humanities and particularly the arts of rhetoric, history, poetry and philosophy. A character that embodies renaissance humanism may be of tremendous wit and self-knowledge, capacble of self-expression and individual freedom. I believe that Richard III may fall into this category as well.




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