Starring: Poetry and HSC Samples

Week 6

What did I do?

Read, Analysed and Discussed Keat’s Poem: Bright Star

One thing that stood out to me was the mention of “moving waters at their priestlike task of pure ablution round earth’s human shores,” The idea of priestlike waters, while irrelevently similar to Coleridge’s Frost at Midnight, seems to mean that the water cleanses the earth of humanity’s corrupt, sinful nature. Especially since it states that they are “human shores”.

Read and Discussed samples of HSC Extension paper

These were mainly creative writing examples. We attempted to mark and rank them. The actual grades that each story was given was surprising to me, but it was also comforting in that I can now be assured that my understanding of romanticism is what will be marked, not just my [unfortunately unfantastic] ability to write well, although I should work on that anyway.

One example in particular was rather inspirational in that the student used the concepts of one of their prescribed authors extremely well and integrated the question into the story expertly. It has caused me to consider not only the author’s role in their composition, but also, their role in the creation of their characters. Obviously they play a pretty big part, but how much does the audience see of the authors in those characters. I guess this is why context is absolutely crucial to digging into the texts of Extension 1 English.


It has also caused me to consider the role of the poet. During the Romantic period, the persona ceased becoming an ominous prescence or a character’s voice, it became the voice of the poet themselves. Where are these voices now? Do the composers of today use this practice?  From studying Robert Gray in Advanced English, I believe that it is still commonly used. Since the Romantics already adapted the forms of poetry, have we developed it any further? How? and how can I develop this idea myself?

Finally, had an idea for creative writing component of exams. Yes,  I know, procrastination much.




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