Week 7

What did I do?

Looked at Bright Star more in depth

Studied for Half-Yearly Exam

I have developed my creative writing piece, however even from this point I can see that it is a little disjointed. By attempting to address several paradigms of Romanticism, my story does not come together very cleanly. It starts with a conversation between men about business, through this the persona defends the innocence of children and argues against the methods of humanity’s progression, essentially the Industrial Revolution.

He is then pictured in a storm with his infant daughter. In this section of the story I have tried to represent not only the romantic’s perception of the raw power of nature but also the idea that a man would take his infant child for a leisurely picnic (where they then find themselves caught up in a storm) taking the role a father a little further than the social norm of that time .

There is little-to-no connection between these two ideas apart from his reflecting on a dream that hints at his factory-filled childhood which is mentioned in the first scene as a part of his argument. The narrator that I have tried to insert does not do much in terms of connecting the two sections either. Since this was one of the reasons that I included the narrator (who is supposed to be a post-modern attempt at the author’s (my own) voice). There is definitely room for improvement.

Related text

I am using The Memoirs of Mary Robinson “Perdita” as a related text for this exam. It has been difficult for me to find appropriate techniques though the book is full of Romantic ideaology. I have researched Memoir specific techniques with no real luck, so I have stuck to speech/novel/poetry inclusive techniques (poetry, because she was a poet amongst other things and this was evident in her writing). It is easy to picture her work against Coleridge’s and compare their writings and contexts, however I am finding Jane Campion much more difficult to compare and discuss. This is either because she is a modern romantic or because her medium is film.



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