The Palace of Versailles

Week 8

What did I do?

Visited to Versailles exhibition

Items from the Palace of Versailles were exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Visiting this exhibition helped my understanding of the French Monarchy prior to the revolution, the impacts of the last three generations of Kings, and the wealth of the monarchs.

To even witness the practical furnishings of the palace – the gates, chairs, tables and even the plumbing – was truly eye opening to the great wealth of the royalty of Paris. The exhibition provided a deeper insight into the extremely contrasting circumstances of the rich minority and the poverty-stricken majority of France. Because of this, the idea of a restless and angry population seems much more real.

I also learnt that that several of the paintings depicting the Palace of Versailles itself were sourced from French Schools in the 18th Century! This knowledge has inspired me to include a scene of Corday walking through a hall of paintings of Versailles, as she was sent to a convent in Caen as a child. I have written a very short, and very unsatisfactory, segment of what this could be like. I am still to type it up and save it as a draft.

I wrote notes during and after the exhibition on the perceptions of the monarchy through their representations as well as on the exhibition itself (including ideas such as those seen above). I am hoping to include the impact of this visit in my research report.

Image: My own, edited with Instagram.


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