Week 9

What did I do?

Lessons on A.O.S. exam

These were helpful in that they aided my understanding of criteria for section 1 and 3 as well as instructing how to answer these questions. A lesson on analysing visual texts was extremely beneficial as I have previously (and, to a degree, still do) struggled to draw connections between a text and the question asked. By revising the techniques of a visual text and by looking at how to identify a technique for the purpose of your argument was helpful as was practicing these methods with a variety of visual texts.

By looking once more at the types of questions that may be asked in section 3 I feel more prepared to answer any given in the upcoming exam. We looked at the key words of a question – directive words such as ‘how’ (=find techniques) and ‘evaluate’ (=make a judgment) – and I found that by breaking the question down into concepts of the R.U.B.R.I.C. I was able to find more effective arguments.


Worked on short story

I have looked over my short story the last assessment and have identified (annotated) points where I find the story is weak, as well as generally editing the story. This has helped me in my process of developing the plot into something with more impact, which was difficult to do as it was already written and established in my mind. I then skimmed through my story once more and noted the points of the R.U.B.R.I.C. that I had addressed. By doing this I realised that my story is not filled with the idea of DISCOVERY, rather it shows a major contrast in the main character’s attitude in the beginning and at the end, after his discovery. My story does not feature discovery throughout, it leads up to a discovery. I’ll either need to work on this or be okay with it.


Related text

I have found looking through ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ by Anthony Doerr more difficult than I originally thought as I  (annoyingly) did not mark the sticky notes that I put in the novel as I read it. 😣

I am also looking up more novel-exclusive techniques to strengthen my use of evidence.


Image: My own (edited with Instagram)



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