Plotting away…

Week 10

What did I do?

Found resources from exhibit

In order to use the experience of the Palace of Versailles exhibit, I printed out the materials such as the secondary learning resource sheets, as well as a copy of the text which was painted on the walls of the gallery. I have also been able to borrow a copy of the exhibit’s book which provided me with more information on the paintings that were sourced from French schools, as well as the context for the objects that were depicted in these paintings. This has helped me to cement the meaning of the items that most impacted me.

Restructured the story’s plot

After looking back on my first draft of the Versailles scene I realised that I would be writing too much on Corday’s past, and so I have now condensed the story to a period of a few days with flashbacks of the moments of her past which impacted her decision to kill Marat.

First of all, the majority of Corday’s story will now be (fictionally) written by herself while she is in jail, (as I found out that she had time to do so) written in form of memoirs including some flashbacks to her childhood or recent past. Corday will also write about her present situation (being in jail) during her acount. Her trial will be written from the perspective of a radical revolutionary journalist as if it would be published in l’Humanite (a newspaper during the French Revolution). Madame Guillotine will still be included, although it may be too limiting for her to only be written in poetry – I will experiment with that soon. She will also start the story with an ominous foreshadowing introduction of Corday . An introduction of herself will occur the second time she is featured.

I am also considering having Corday visit a French School in person to see the paintings and envision the people of Versailles rather than in the Abbay-aux-Dames.

The moments when she

  • is a child in the convent,
  • learns of her two brothers’ involvement in supressing the rebels and of the fall of the Bastille,
  • and when she meets the Girondins

will all be shown in flashbacks or be mentioned in a thought.



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