Finally writing!!!!

Autumn Holidays

What did I do?

Finally started writing something!

After restructuring my story (again), I made myself write something because by now I really should have already written a complete draft. [insert facepalm *here*]

The first scene that I wrote these holidays was the Paris, murder and capture scene. The first part included her arrival in Paris, her perception of the city and the people, her writing her “Address …” and her purchasing the ebony-handled knife the next morning. The middle section includes her finding Marat’s apartment, finally entering the apartment, talking to him, killing him and the last scene is the sequence of her capture.

I am surprisingly happy with what I wrote and can’t wait to edit and rewrite it! I’m annoyed now that I hesitated so long to begin writing.

While writing this scene I relied heavily on Harold Behr’s novel, The French Revolution, as it includes his judgement of the figure’s characters as well as accounts of witnesses for the characters and events which aided my understanding while writing.

The language and structure of these scenes changes between the first and second scenes as I found that writing in first-person proved to be a better representation of the story, especially as Corday is now actually writing her own story while awaiting trial. I did find it a little difficult not to switch into third person, especially when I would insert notes and comments into the word document in between writing scentences, however as I will be editing this over and over again, and gaining outside opinions, it shouldn’t be a problem by the end.

I also rewrote the scene in which Corday envisions the palace of Versailles. This time she is travelling to Paris on a train, She dreams that she is a young girl once more, in the Abbay-aux-Dames. She walks down the same hall and sees the same paintings as the last draft, however this time I am including an allusion to the Roman and Titan goddess Latona, as there is a sculpted fountain of herself and her children, Diana and Apollo in the grounds of Versailles. By including this I have also included a motif of superificial beauty to back that of the court women also featured in the scene.

My total word count is now 1738 words. I can definately see some room for improvement and development (moving away from being so Harold Behr inspired, and more into my own creation).

Researched her journey

This involved identifying and scribbling on a map of France, the positions of Caen and Paris. I then researched the train lines of France and scribbled the most direct route to Paris from Caen. Unfortunately, this only just misses Versailles, but it does go through Evreux which has a Cathedral that may be useful for a convent flashback. Of course I could just have her go through Versailles on the way, some other way, anyway…



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