More Literary Theory

Week 1 – 2

What did I do?

Class discussed Literary Theory in more detail

Literary theory essentially assumes that a text would be viewed differently by a feminist or gender theorist than by a biographical theorist for example. By considering this theory as a range of different perspectives which influence the perception of a text, I can now more clearly understand how it may be used to analyse and discuss literature.

In order to use this theory to analyse my texts I need learn the major factors of the various critical perspectives.

Marxist Critical Perspective

This pespective follows the ideals of the Communist Manifesto. It is a ‘conflict theory’ that emphasises any division or alienation between the rich and poor in a society. It focuses on money in literature, the distribution or ownership of power – whether there are groups of people within a text that are controlled/exploited by major industries, enforcing their own beliefs and values upon those people.

A Marxist critical theorist would search for any elements of social institutions and forces, characters’ awareness of these forces and the effects of any political and/or economical idealogies on specific groups of people. An example of a text that would be rich in these topics would be Animal Farm by George Orwell. (I can’t think of anything else!)


Videos watched on Literary Theory

Tim Nance What is Literary Theory 



Image: Karl Marx by dunnarajesh.


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