Introduction and Characters

Week 2

What did I do?

Analysed prologue

Something new that I picked up on is the fact that he hints at the placement of this event within the novel’s timeline; the end. This is found in the statement: “Twenty years, they all say”. The alloted time before Sam Pickles was allowed to sell the house on Cloud Street.

Further Fish

The description of Fish definitely depicts him as being mentally unaware, as his “tongue can’t lie still”, suggesting that he is not fully in control of his body, it acts on impulse. This idea is deepened by the phrase: “no hand in his trouser belt” which alludes to him frequently being restrained from wandering as though he was a young child. Having finished the novel I can now see that the persona/voice is Fish’s lost self – the half of Fish that was lost when he almost drowned. This is cemented by the persona, Fish, saying “even now, one of the here is leaving” which refers to Fish’s presence departing from the living and joining his lost half. After the accident it is said that Fish is “another kind of stuckness altogether. Like he’s half in and half out.” (p.69)

Summarised the Pickles

I wrote (under instruction) a paragraph on the main Pickle family characters – Sam, Rose and Dolly – and their relationship with each other. In order to do this I followed each character’s tabs that I made while reading the novel and made conclusions as to their character and their character development.



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