Research Report

Weeks 1 – 2

What did I do?

Worked on and handed in Assessment Task 2: Report

Comments made by my teacher on this assessment, as an essential practise for the Reflection Statement part of my major work, included:

  • A necessity to rework on the structure of the report so that it can be read more clearly.
  • The need to include more information on the challenges and resolutions faced throughout the process of investigation, writing and editing
  • Details on how I have developed my major work since the last assessment task.
  • Further reference to the audience of my major work in terms of how I have approached my story.


Writing the research report helped me to define how my major work has been affected by the different sources of information and inspiration found throughout the investigative process. It has also aided me in editing the drafts that I have already written so that I can refine my own work, as an original piece, rather than relying too heavily on inspirational resources.


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