The street with clouds …

Week 3

Looked at the Lamb family in detail

I analysed/annotated the introduction of the Lambs and the scene of Fish’s accident:

The introduction of the Lambs portrays them as “God-fearing people”, using the motif of light to represent their faith, unity and their difference in behaviour and attitude to the rest of the community. There is a great deal of colloquialism, idioms and onomatopoeia as they banter with each other and interact with their environment; be it their car, the river or the riverbank. There are many allusions to WW1 and Lester’s supposed involvement with the ANZACS – “Around town he is known as ‘Lest we Forget’ and if he knew, it’d break his ANZAC heart.”. He is also depicted as young-spirited; relating, or trying to relate, with his children. Oriel is described as “prouder than the British Empire”, comparing her to Britain, which Australia is still honours at this time – patriotism thrived during war time, even though it had lessened by WW2. Her solidness is acknowledged and her perception of her family, especially Lester, appears quite distant.

The motif of light is seen again, accompanied by the cold, when Fish almost drowns – “this dark, cool plunge where sound and light and shape are gone.” His seperation from himself is seen when he “feels death coming unstuck” and when he leaves “the tunnel, that strange cold feeling that is no longer a stranger”. He feels his “soul torn away” and Quick claims that “not all of Fish Lamb had come back”


I found and printed several reviews and a study guide and annotated these, making notes to enhance my understanding of the novel’s context, meaning and its reception by others. I need to do more research on Winton’s context and on the ways in which the novel was received at its publishment.




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