Writing Guillotines

Week 3

What did I do?

Began writing Madame Guillotine (again?)

The scene that I wrote was the first scene which introduces both Charlotte Corday and Madame Guillotine, from the guillotine’s perspective. I did not write this in poetical form as I found it too limiting.  Instead I wrote in prose form, in first person, present tense.

I found that in some parts, the language that I used was a little too simplistic in contrast to her ‘huaghty’, self-righteous attitude throughout the rest. I am pleased with the description of Corday from this perspective. A cynical tone can be formed from the external persona; a judgement of her character from different narrative voice.

Madame Guillotine’s description of herself however, is quite lacking. Lacking in sophistication, tone and depth, especially when placed beside the Corday’s introduction. To remedy this, I may move her self-introduction to her second appearance however, this may conflict with Corday’s story which will be heavily in motion by this time. I could leave out the self-introduction and just insert ambiguous hints as to who she is throughout the story untill the end, when Corday is executed. That may make it a little more intriguing as opposed to her being laid out plainly for the audience.



Image: http://www.quill.com/swingline-ingento-cl500-classic-maple-paper-trimmer-12/cbs/056392.html


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