Fixing Creativity

Week 4

What did I do?

Class read each other’s stories

As there are only two of us this was fairly simple, yet insightful. I can definitely see the difference in writing styles and even in the way in which the plots are spaced.

By having another student read my work I felt able to identify all the parts within my story that I hate now (and some that I hated even when I wrote the story). I don’t have anxiety! I was just more aware of these things.

By discussing what the other student could find in my story I am now more aware of how the message is able to be understood (or misunderstood) and how I can make it slightly less ambiguous.

Compared stories to other exam questions

This was just discussion, looking at the Romanticism creative writing stimuli and questions from previous exams. We looked at how compatible each story was to each question and at how each story could be adapted to suit them. This also helped to identify the weaker and stronger areas in each story and how well we integrate the (RUBRIC) ideas of Romanticism.

Deconstructed Story

I have (under instruction) broken down my story, in a table, into each point of the story (about 9-10) so that I can chop them up, mix & match and take away things that I don’t think need to be there. This is something that we have done in Advanced English before to play with the structure of a story and I think that it will help me to undentify ways in which my story could be communicated more smoothly and to find things that don’t need to be included (*ahem* random dialogue *cough*).





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