One half of a whole draft

Week 4

What did I do?

Started a whole draft

In order to prevent having a segmented story, I have started wrtiting my major work as one whole piece. I did this without referencing back to my research or previous drafts. Everything that I wrote was quite brief (at only abut 900 words long), with my main goal being to pass the block that I have been having, and to create a, less seperated, overall mood for the story. It covers the introduction by Madame Guillotine, to the night before the murder, in Paris.

This process has helped me to define how I want to convey the voice of the Guillotine, what language I want to use and the kind of langauge that I DON’T want to include.

I have also added two scenes: a few foreshadowing sentences, not spoken by any character, and a meeting with a girondin the night before the murder. I am more hesitant about keeping the later in the story as I cannot find anything for the character to say (I just thought that it would add interest :z). Of course this is where I couldn’t write anymore because it seemed ridiculous. Historically, Charlotte Corday did meet with a girondin that night – he was later deemed a co-conspirator of the assassination – it is possible that I could include their meeting in differing circumstances, however, I will need to integrate the girondins more throughout the rest of the story for this to make sense.

am pleased with the foreshadowing and hope to adapt it to use on its own or within Madame Guillotine’s speech.




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