Within and Without

Week 4

What did I do?

Class looked at and discussed:


We looked at Cloudstreet as being a representation of the “Aussie battler” – the perseverance of Australia – and of Australia being reformed at this time, developing and loosening Briatin’s grip. The development of Australia as a more independently identifiable nation is shown through Perth’s depiction; a town trying desperately to be a city. It is also revealed in the event of the Nedlands Monster, a tragedy that hardened Australia.

Style and Language

Similarly to looking for prose and verse in Shakespearean plays, we identified idioms and colloquialism within the text in comparision to the more traditional dialect of the British that leaks into the dialogue and description.

It was noted that the lost half of Fish speaks with a highly traditional English dialect. He is very reflective, and ominously knowledgeable. While the physical half of Fish is very simple in his use of language and is not quite able to see the underlying meaning within the idioms used.

Apart from this, the vernacular seems quite natural and authentic, filled with colourful idioms and traditional Australian slang.

Looked at past HSC Paper 2 questions for Cloudstreet

This has helped me to identify what I should focus throughout my study of Cloudstreet.

A few of the areas where I feel I need to improve include:

  • The context of the novel
  • The context of the novel’s setting
  • Winton’s personal context
  • How the novel has been perceived in the past
  • The representations of key ideas through
    • characterisation,
    • motifs,
    • etc.

Image: http://landkartenindex.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/eine-wunderschone-weltreise-auf.html


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