Edits and Aditions

Week 5

What did I do?

Annotated and Edited last draft

I have annotated the half of a draft that I wrote last week, noting places where I need to integrate the imagery, events, description, etc. from my previous drafts.

Filled in gaps with research

While annotating this draft, I also indicated subjects that I need to research more such as the philosophy of Rousseau and places to allude to like the specific train station that Corday got off at in Paris.

Except that when I did this I realised that THERE WEREN’T ANY TRAIN STATIONS! The first station, Saint-Lazare station was built in 1837 – after Corday’s time. It makes sense when you consider the economy of France at the time and the stage of the Industrial Revolution in the 1790s. But it’s still annoying! Because of this, I am going to have to change Corday’s magical visions of  Versailles either to a carriage or as a dream on her first night in Paris. This may be beneficial to my story, allowing Corday to travel past the Versailles palace in her journey as the train line had only just missed the palace. The slower pace of a carriage will allow me to write the scene with imagery of the building and gardens and a flashback to her dreams/memories as a child.

I also researched the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in order to integrate these ideas into my story as part of Corday’s past and values. Some of the main ideals that I have now included is his belief that in order to be truely free humans must rule themselves and that the child is born pure and innocent and is only then corrupted by society.

Integrated old drafts

After reviewing the previous drafts I have used the imagery, symbolism, ideas, etc. to further enhance my current draft. By doing this I was able to cull the nonsense from both drafts to more clearly communicated my ideas. I am yet to include anything further than Corday’s first night in Paris, but by merging what I have previously written for Madame Guillotine and Charlotte’s Versailles vision I already believe that I have enhanced my story and deepened my use of language and changing voices.


Image: https://www.emaze.com/@ATWOFWQZ/Note-taking


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