Archetypical Cloudstreet

Week 5

What did I do?

Looked at Archetypes in further detail

We looked at the common archetypes in literature and at a few specific ones within Cloudstreet.

One was the house. It was suggested that the house is a metaphor for white Australia, that the Lambs and the Pickles must learn from the land. I can see how this may work. The house was burdened by the conflict between the spirits of the old caucasian woman and the young aboriginal woman. When Wax Harry was born, the new life, the unity, the spiritual growth of little community that was the residents of #1 Cloud St, exorcised the house of the vicous nostalgia, and something new emerged.

Class continued to find evidence and examples of motifs and context within the text

We looked at the water as a motif which may be seen to represent salvation. Fish longs for the water after he loses part of himself. The water is often portrayed as living and active; purifying. It was suggested that it may be an allusion to Jesus Christ.

Other motifs, such as the pig, the knife and luck were looked at more specifically as well.


Our teacher recomended that we read an article (Writing from the margins: Representations of gender and class in Winton’s work) which reviews Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet, in comparison to his earlier works, from the feminine critical perspective.  In this article, Lekkie Hopkins addressed Winton’s development in characterisaiton and the narative voice as well as the representation of gender stereotypes in his work. It was concluded that Winton rewrites the traditional patriarchal gender archetypes in foregrounding the non-rational and presenting character’s actions, in Cloudstreet, as class based not gender based as can be seen in his previous works, which were often narrated by adoscelent males.




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