Fix a story

Week 6

What did I do?

Looked at more context for Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s Parents

Both of Mary Shelley’s parents were quite intriguing to research.

Her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was a feminist (author Vindication of the Rights of Women) who travelled to France in 1792 to witness the revolution. There she met and fell pregnant with an American Captain’s child, Mary Shelley’s older half-sister. After returning, spurned, to London, she joined the political radical group of intellects and remet with William Godwin. She fell pregnant with his child, and the two were married before died 11 days after giving birth to Mary.

William Godwin was a political writer, philosopher and religious dissenter who believed that governments are fundamentally hostile to the integrity of human beings; he advocated enlightened anarchism for true individual development. He wrote several biographies, novels, children’s books and pamphlets as well as published the works of several authors, including Mary Shelley’s. He became the intellectual patron of Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1812.

After the death of Mary Wollstonecraft, Godwin married Jane Clairmont, a successful publisher of children’s books, who was widowed with two children. The two had a son together, bringing the number of children Godwin was responsible for to a total of 5. The fact that Mary Shelley did not have any full-blooded siblings, all were either half of step siblings, may have influenced the intensely protective nature of Frankenstein in reference to his siblings and the severe feeling of ownership, rather than sibling love with which he sees Elizabeth.

Discussed each other’s creative wrting again 🙂

We both tried to rearrange a cut-up summary of our stories. In this process I decided that I may benefit from taking out the external narrator and instead, integrate the letter to his daughter throughout the entire story. I feel that this would both strengthen the plot and message and at the same time, provide a closer insight into the romantic side of the character. I also decided to entirely remove the unneccesary conversation at the beginning of the story. Although, my teacher did suggest to leave some of the conflict of the scene in the start, to make it more engaging.

Through discussing both my own, and my classmate’s stories once more, I feel as though I have developed my understanding of romanticism and my thoughts as to how it could integrated into a story.




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