Holy Fish!!!

Week 6

What did I do?

Looked at Oral Presentation

The class looked at how we need to convey our argument in the form of an oral presentation. As it is only 5 minutes we were recomended to only include two microthesis.

Related Characterisation in Cloudstreet to Religion

In groups, we looked in depth at the allusions to the bible seen in the characters, motifs and events of the novel.

Looking at the Aboriginal man as a motif we spotted several places where biblical references are related to him. When he hitches a ride with Quick, he offers him muscatel and bread; an allusion to the Bread and the Wine (the body and blood of Jesus Christ). He is again related to Christ when he is revealed walking on water by Quick, who turns away, similarly to the disciple Peter. He also conveys the importance of the place, directing the characters to where they should be; to where they belong. In a way, it seems that he orchestrates the entire novel. If he is not mentioned by name or in depth description is present as a shadow, just like Sam’s shifty shadow; “the hairy hand of god”.

Began writing Oral Presentation

The stimuli/question that I selected was a statement. “Every text has its use-by-date”

At first I was going to write about how this could not be more false, especially in the case of a novel as culturally rich as Cloudstreet. But when I started writing it I realised that that could not be more wrong.

All texts will reach their ‘use-by-date’, because a use-by-date does not mean that it is irrelevant, it means that the text’s end-use purpose has been fullfilled or has not been fullfilled within the time-period/audience which it was designed for. The audience it was designed for has ceased to exist and its message will not be conveyed as fully as it needed to be because it has already been done.


Speaking to an audience is something that I personally struggle with, so I am trying to think of ways to use props or pictures or a white board to make my presentation both easier to perform and to pay attention to.


Image: http://www.deviantart.com/tag/holyfish


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