Week 6

What did I do?

Achieved my goal this week!

I set a goal this week, in order to get over this block, to reach 3000 words and I am so glad that I did. Not only have I suppased this (by 600+ words), but I think that I have reached a point where I am confident once more in my own writing and can continue to add to and fix up story 🙂

This week I have progressed from only having a working draft of 1200 words to only having around 1200 words until I reach the desired word count!

Wrote trial and execution scene

This was in the format of an article, for the London Times.

In order to write this I found more source evidence, for the trial, online, including several scans of article clippings which covered parts of the trial and the murder. From these I learned – I think – the name of the girondin-supporting man that Corday accidently incriminated by meeting with the day prior to the murder.

I also found out that she gave in TWO letters to the court at her trial, one addressed to a ‘Barbaroux, acounting her journey to Paris, the other was addressed to her father, instructing him not to mourn her. I hope to find copies of these letters, especially the former; I think that I may have found out about the letter to her father previously, but I didn’t follow it up.

While writing the article I recalled an article piece within Bram Stoker’s Dracula which is written with references to the author (journalist) and his writing the article. There is also great emphasis placed on his witnessing the events which he was writing about himself. I have implemented this idea in my own writing with phrases such as “your correspondent spoke to…” or “your correspendent witnessed…”. I have also used the ‘author’ of my article to voice a question about the revolution, whether there need be so much terror and violence. Something that the girondins and Corday stood against.

Rewrote the murder scene

By reviewing and undergoing undergoing more research, I found that I was able to expand my writing, – description, dialogue, etc – lengthening the scene to at least three times its original size. I am still a little stuck on the conversations that Corday has with Marat’s mistress when she is attemtping to enter the house, but I will work on that 😉


Image: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/4-reasons-why-small-goals-beat-big-ones-marton-jojarth


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