Week 8

What did I do?

‘Performed’ speech

I hate performing 🙂

Class began looking at Module C

I confess, I have been really slack with preparing for this module :Z

The furthest that I have done in prep work for Why Weren’t We Told is that I tabbed the book to label its contents (an OOPS I DIDN’T READ THE BOOK! hack) and I read through and highlighted the RUBRIC for this elective. I also looked at and annotated the Board Of Studies syllabus annotations for the novel. I then researched some elements of the notes that I didn’t understand, mostly contextual references like ‘Black Armband History’ and took down some notes.

Actually, the more I list the better I feel after saying that I didn’t do anything. In addition to the above, I also researched reviews on Why Weren’t We Told, and found and annotated a few. I also found an essay that looks quite sophisticated but which I haven’t really read. But the main point is that I didn’t read the book (I am perpetually only 50 pages in) so … 0 points for me!


Image: https://www.tumblr.com/search/d’oh%20gif



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